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THE ROCKFOAM ROOF SYSTEM - combines the super energy saving efficiency and seamless nature of sprayed polyurethane foam with a protective layer of gravel.  It offers year round protection that translates into cost savings.  The RockFoam Roof System is an energy efficient, durable, low maintenance protection system for flat roofs in both re-roofing and new construction applications.  It evenly disperses precipitation and ice in the winter and enhances evaporation in the summer.  Users can be assured of safety since the RockFoam Roof System passes the Class A Fire Test in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories test Standard UL 790.

· Spray on polyurethane works equally well to insulate and seal new or existing buildings.  Preparation of most buildings is minimal for proper application of the insulation.

· A clean dry surface is required.

· On new galvanized metal with an oil film hot water washing and degreasing is required.

· On metal round roof buildings a primer is applied before polyurethane.

· Buildings with areas of corrosion can be treated with a rust inhibiting primer.

· Re-insulation of buildings that have existing foil faced fiberglass or any type of board stock insulation can be easily accomplished.  The spray on polyurethane will adhere well to these surfaces and greatly improve the efficiency and comfort of the building.

· in certain applications, existing wall cavities can be filled with cavity fill polyurethane to insulate and seal these wall areas.

· Once properly applied to the building, the spray on polyurethane becomes a permanent part of the building.

"Spray on Polyurethane Interior and Exterior Insulation  works for you whenever, wherever you need to insulate yourself from the elements."


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